Suspension Cuffs


This item is custom made for you and ships in 4 weeks.  Rush orders are available at an additional charge.

These suspension cuffs provide a more comfortable option for support during play. Less strain on the wrists means a better experience for your delighted bottom! 3" welded D-rings provide an ideal connection point.  These ergonomically designed cuffs reduce the pinch points at the wrist, where a number of nerves travel through from the arm to the hand, and nerve compression can often occur from hanging one's weight on cuffs that cut into the wrist.  Protect your wrists with these suspension cuffs! Soft and sturdy North American Bison with stitched-in cowhide lining.  I can also flip the cowhide lining to the front for a flash of color. 

Sold in pairs. For wrists only, like all suspension cuffs, these are not intended to support full body weight (don't use them to suspend fully for any length of time, because your body, like these cuffs, isn't meant to support that).  Rather, these cuffs are designed for the wearer to be able to lean comfortably, relax, change position, and bear significant weight on their arms without damaging their limbs.  These are a necessary addition for anyone whose hands go numb during play, or whose wrists are raw from chafing after a scene.  

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