About Your Order

Unless the item you order has "Ships Now!" in the title, everything is custom made when it is ordered and will ship after the stated turnaround time.  The turnaround time is how long it takes me to make the item.  This takes time!

How much time?

  • Most items ship in approximately 4-5 weeks (pacifier gags ship in 3 weeks).  Check the item description for exact turnaround time.  Placing your order holds your spot in my work queue.
  • You will receive an order confirmation email after your purchase.  Unless there is a problem, you won’t hear from me until your order ships. 
  • If you are curious about when your order will ship, please check your order confirmation email.  Take a look at your order date, and refer to the turnaround time stated in the item description on my website.  Every item on my site says how long it takes for me to make the item and get it out of my workshop and on its way to you.
  • Please don't email to ask when your item will ship, unless the expected time frame on your item description has passed by several days.  I love my clients, but I need to be at the workbench as much as possible to keep up with orders.  
  • If you've placed an order and need to change something, please contact me!
  • If you need it sooner, please contact me to pay for a rush order.  If you need your item earlier than the regular turnaround time, please email to ask about a rush fee.  Typical rush fees are $15 for pacifier gags, and go up from there.  Rush fees cover skipping your order ahead of all the other orders that still need to happen tonight, skipped meals, skipped sleep, overnight shipping from my vendors, etc.
  • If your order is due to ship on a federal (postal) holiday or a Sunday, it will ship the following business day.
  • I'm a perfectionist.  If I'm not happy with something, I'm going to re-make it.  This doesn't happen often, but nothing leaves my shop that I'm not happy with.

Want something you don't see in my store?

  • Excellent!  Use my contact form and we will talk turkey.   
  • I do my best to fill custom orders (things not featured on my website, but rather, collaborative designs) in under 5 weeks.  
  • The clock starts ticking when I receive your deposit or payment.  That deposit covers materials for your project.  If you haven’t paid a deposit, you haven’t placed an order with me.
  • I offer two payment options for custom work: full payment up front, or a 50% materials deposit and then the 50% balance when I let you know the item is completed/ready for delivery or shipment.
  • When you place your deposit, you reserve your place in line. That means if I have 14 open orders, you'll be #15.
  • I may need to order materials, and bulk orders save us all money!  This time is included in your promised date- if there is a backorder on your materials that will cause a delay, I'll let you know!
  • I do charge rush fees of $15 and up to crank items out significantly faster.  Rush fees increase with project complexity and material availability.

Some Fine Print

Once I email you that your item is done, you've got 30 days to make delivery arrangements and pay the balance.  After 30 days, your item goes back to stock, and your deposit isn't refundable.  Let me know if you need more time. I can be flexible.  If you avoid me or don't communicate, I won't be flexible :)

After 1 month, the item goes back to stock, and no refund is given (even if the item is fully paid).  I can only be responsible for keeping your items safe from hungry canines for so long.

Deposits are not refundable if you cancel your order.  You're ordering custom work from an individual maker/crafter, not mass merchandise from a corporation.  Please plan and budget accordingly.

All of my domestic orders ship in plain packaging with a PO box as the return address.  The packaging is totally discreet if you are within the United States (international shoppers- your packaging will say the contents in English, so please read this page!).


Due to the personal nature of my products, no returns are accepted. However...

If your item isn't exactly right, please let me know as soon as possible.  I will work with you to modify the item to suit your needs.  If you don't let me know for weeks or months, you will be unfortunately on your own.

If something unexpected happens to your item, please let me know.  If you discover you're allergic to the metal on the rivets, I can cover them in leather for you for just the cost of my labor and the shipping.  If a rivet fails, I am happy to replace it.  I stand by my products!

If I have made a mistake or shipped the wrong item, please contact me within 12 days of delivery of your order.

If you are HAPPY with your item, please let me know.  It makes me feel good :)