About Jules

My clients come from all over the United States, Canada, and as far away as Germany, France, and Japan.  I learned leather crafting from the best belt makers, saddlers, and holster makers around while working in a leather shop.

I love crafting, and I love working in the quiet of night. I have an ever-expanding workshop in my home, where I feel most inspired.  I do my sales primarily online, as well as at local and regional events.  My clients keep me tremendously busy, and my custom order turnaround is 4-5 weeks.

I'm a wildly ambitious, creative, talented crafter/maker who lives to create attractive and durable leather goods that will serve you for many years. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence in leather.

I've been making art, jewelry, and clothing since I was very young. It was my passion through grade school and one of the things I pursued in college. I never lost that passion; I found the best way to apply it is as a crafter.

My goal is to be the designer for all your leather needs. Having you choose me to design and create your item means a lot to me. Having you choose me repeatedly means even more. It's my honor to produce items that represent relationships, passion, and respect.  My clients mean the world to me.