Important information to help your international order go smoothly:

Privacy & Customs

  • International items ship via USPS First Class (no tracking info) or Priority Mail (see below for more info), and by law, must include a Customs Declaration Form on the outside of the box that lists the contents accurately.
  • Most items will say something like "leather gag" "leather collar" "leather pacifier gag."
  • Please use your legal name for your shipping address.  Customs agencies can reject or confiscate a shipment if the recipient's name isn't valid.
  • If you are concerned about privacy, you can always ship your package to your post office box or to a friend's house. If you are shipping to a friend's house, both of your names must be on the package or your package may be returned to me. The way to solve this is to address your package as:
Your Name”, in care of “Resident’s Name” 
123 Sample Street
apartment/flat B
Your City, State/Province, Postal Code 
Your Country”


  • In some countries, mail will not be delivered to an addressee who isn't a resident of that address. Adding both names to the box will resolve this.
  • If your package is returned as not deliverable, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipment, or you can receive a refund of the purchase cost less shipping cost, and less material cost (50% of the item value in most cases).
  • If your language uses characters that don't exist in English, please type your address using only English characters to make sure my website and shipping software don't omit those characters and make your package undelieverable.

Duties & Fees


If you are outside the United States, your country may charge you duty or other tax (such as VAT) before they will deliver your item. Unfortunately I can not collect taxes for foreign governments so you may have to pay for these taxes or duties if applicable before your postal service will deliver your item.  PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO ALTER OR FORGE DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR PURCHASE TO AVOID TAXES OR FEES.

If your order is returned to me due to unpaid duties/taxes/fees, you can either pay to re-ship the item or I will refund you 50% of the item cost (materials deposits and rush fees are non-refundable) minus shipping costs.  This also applies if your item is returned to me due to a non-deliverable address.  

Choosing Shipping Speed


  • First Class Package International: This is an economical way to ship, however, there is no tracking info or insurance available other than the Customs document number.  Generally takes several weeks, occasionally takes months. There is no recourse if your item is lost.
  • Priority Mail International: 6-10 business days (no guaranteed delivery date) - this method will provide you with a tracking number and insurance.
  • Priority Mail Express International: 3-5 Business Days, includes a tracking number and insurance.  Some locations guarantee the delivery time, please note this does not include Customs delays.

International shipping does take time, so please have patience!  3 weeks is a typical mailing time, although many countries will deliver your package sooner than that. Most of the time, the wait is due to queues at Customs (US and your country). If 6 weeks have passed since you received a shipping notification for your order, please contact me! Sometimes items can be tracked down by their Customs form number.