Deluxe Bunny Flogger


This flogger is custom made for you and ships in 4 weeks.  

Fur colors that I don't have on hand may take slightly longer to ship- email me to find out my current on-hand inventory.  Rush orders are available at an additional charge.

Some of the floggers pictured are shown with optional black suede falls.

This flogger is supple and sumptuous. A braided handle, woven Turk's head knot, and deluxe rabbit hide. Also available with all black handle. Perfect for sensual play, warm-up, and cool-down.  Fur print options include Jet Black, Red, Purple, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Blue, and more! Email service  at luckystarsleather dot com for current in-stock fur selections.  Add black suede falls to the mix for additional thud for $15 more (select option below).

As with all leather goods, colors vary from hide to hide.  If it is important to you that all your pieces match, I strongly suggest ordering pieces of a set at the same time.

Leathers available for handle braiding vary by availability and may not exactly match what is pictured.  In most cases, a handle color (such as red, purple, or blue) will not match a bullhide or suede fall color very well- they are often off by several shades.  I don't generally suggest pairing blue handles with blue falls etc.  Colored handles look great paired with black falls, or coordinating colored falls.

If you are shopping from outside the United States, please read this important information!