Ships Now- Purple Suede Contoured Leather Blindfold


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This contoured leather blindfold is so comfy, some of my customers use them as sleep masks.  One layer of velvety soft purple suede, one layer of top grain bullhide, stitched together and lined with 100% real super soft shearling (real fur) to block out any hint of light and provide comfort.  No scratchy fake fur here- only the real deal.  Bullhide strap, with a non-locking buckle (allows for finer adjustment).  Your eyelashes won't hit the leather, and your lids won't be smooshed by an irritating flat or padded design.  This is perfect for people who wear contact lenses, have delicate eyes, or who enjoy having comfortable, healthy eyes.

This blindfold is one size fits most, excess strap can be easily cut with sharp scissors or a utility knife.  The length of this particular blindfold adjusts from 19.5" to 26"long.  To measure your own head, bring a measuring tape from the bridge of your nose, just over your ears, snugly under the "notch" on the back of your skull (NOT around the widest part of your melon, but around that narrower part that is level with your ears), and back to the bridge of your nose.  Don't pull overly tightly across your eyes- the molded blindfold part won't be super tight on your face.

This blindfold is waiting patiently for its new home, and ships within 24 hours of your payment!

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