Supreme Interrogation Hood


Custom made for you and ships in 3 weeks.  Rush orders are available at an additional charge.

You won't find anything like this handmade interrogation hood anywhere- at least, not anywhere civilians are allowed to go.  Every stitch is done with care, to make sure you get exactly what you've been dreaming of.

Two layers of lightproof (some spots of bright light/shadows may be visible in a bright room- see below), very itchy, humidity-trapping upholstery felt- you can breathe through it, but the bottom feels like their breathing is quite inhibited.

A state of panic will amplify the feeling that they're not getting enough air (but the weave of the material still lets air through). D ring closure allows for quick release by the top, and adjusts to fit any neck.

Your depersonalized, faceless bottom will start trying to remind you, "It's ME in here! You CARE about me!" But that won't bother you when you're not seeing their face.

When you release them from the hood, they're so grateful to be free- they just might tell you anything.

If you are looking for a completely lightproof item, you can add an optional 3rd layer for an additional charge (this will make breathing more challenging- there is always a balance).

Designed for fast, easy application and release under critical conditions.

Made from scratchy, unpleasant upholstery felt- 100% polyester.  Spot clean occasionally to get the tears and snot off, or hand wash inside out and dry flat.

Perfectly sized for a takedown scene with a struggling bottom: 16"X18" when flat.  Can be made a bit smaller upon request, but that may make it difficult to apply.

Are you really ready for this?

If you are shopping from outside the United States, please read this important information!